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BIGBEN_small.gif WIKIWAKEUP : Wake up to the new technology in learning a language!!!

Wiki to work with my students from 1º & 2º Bachillerato_investigación)

It´s just devoted to the use of internet as a tool in the teaching and learning English.

  • My students will be able to use and work with the tics through new tools from web 2.0.
  • Use the tics with the students to get them more motivated with the modern technology.
  • They will be given tasks in this wiki, where they can write them and collaborate in the creation of a wiki for students.
  • They can also suggest topics that we can include or write about it, insert videos, pictures, songs they like, etc

Es muy interesante poder subir y almacenar documentos y todo tipo de archivos que se pueden enlazar dentro del wiki para que los alumnos los utilicen (imágenes, documentos pdf, etc. y claro también es interesante que cualquier persona pueda editar esto...
- Enlazar páginas exteriores e insertar audios, vídeos, presentaciones, etc.